Amazing Opportunities for students

By Maikol Santos 

Photo by Michael Suarez

This week on Tuesday, the school gave our students incredible chances for their future. Students at the college fair spent an hour looking in between the many after high school options they could take to have a better future. Many out of state options for the ones that wanted to move out, or colleges/universities in the state to stay closer to home. 

The college fair provided many opportunities for our students. It opened up many students eyes as to what colleges are convenient for them, a lot of them were cheaper and had more financially available options for students, others had more programs and available activities in them but the cost for them was much more expensive which is what limited the students choices. At the end of the day students will have to talk to their parents about their college decision and see how they can help them financially. 

Even though many students struggle financially to pay for college, there is many others that have gained scholarships and will get in certain colleges for free due to their academic advances, these students are going to have the chance that many wish they had. 

Overall, hopefully many students graduate from our school and go on to go pass college and have a successful life, there is many opportunities that they can take advantage of at this age 

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