Workplace discrimination: Yes, it happens more often than not

By: Victor Alvarado

One may ask, what exactly is “workplace discrimination?”  Workplace discrimination is the unjust treatment of an employee, employer, co-worker based on their gender, race, religion, instead of their character and/or work. Workplace discrimination has  occurred for decades dating back to the 1900’s to when African-American men and women started to work in the same places as the average white-skinned “Joe”. It may start as casual talk such as, “Hey, have you seen that new woman around the office, I bet she’s a piece of work to be around”, but it could easily escalate to derogatory pranks or flat-out insults, “That woman should not be here, she is a disgrace to this man-run company, she should be in the kitchen making our lunches”. Beyond the basic office gossip, discrimination can also branch out to new job opportunities, such as hard-working employees being denied a raise or a promotion because of the color of their skin, their sex, or their religious beliefs.

Workplace Discrimination is illegal under the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, where an employer is legally prohibited from making assumptions or denying a worker basic rights and promotions because of their appearance or beliefs. In an evolving society, the local unions and the employers need to work together to change the work environment for a better and brighter future where every person is given the same fair treatment.

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