The problem is people, not pit bulls

By: Cassandra Brown

All around the world, there are all different types of animals. You will find wild animals, mean pets, nice pets, and scared animals. So many studies show that animals behavior depends on how they are treated and trained. If you do not treat your pet with kindness, they are more likely to resent you; which results in a generally mean animal. Many people are under the impression that Pit Bulls are a troubled breed; however, not all Pit Bulls are aggressive or troubled. It could be possible that certain people raising them could be the troubled ones. A Pit Bull puppy is just as innocent as a baby.  Humans who are raised poorly have the same odds as a pup that is mistreated. We grow up and become a reflection of what we’ve experienced. Some people are ignorant when it comes to their knowledge on pets. For some reason, they have it all figured out in their heads that Pit Bulls are bad pets and just plain dangerous. However, any pet can be dangerous when trained to be so. “Good dragons under the control of bad people do bad things”, very eloquently stated by an animated character in the new, How to Train Your Dragon sequel. Dogs, like humans, are a product of their environment.  Dogs such as Pit Bulls, have been bred for fighting; and as a result, have a bad reputation.  However, when raised in a nurturing and caring environment, Pit Bulls can make great family companions, and their “so called” aggression and violent tendencies, will be a thing of the past.  People do not comprehend that just because a breed of dog can be “dog-aggressive”, it doesn’t make the pet “human-aggressive”. These dogs need love and companionship and should be treated like members of a family, because they will show a different temperament, just as a would a human.

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