Cleaning it up in simple steps

By: Camila Garcia

As teenagers, one of our main struggles is dealing with acne throughout our hormonal development stage. During puberty, our skin is more likely to have pimples, eruptions and be oily essentially on cheek, chin, nose, forehead, chest and back. And to be honest, as soon as we see a pinkish spot showing in our face we don’t always have the most positive reaction. Most teens opt for popping them, which is not the best choice we can make. “Leave it until it goes away by itself” is something you might have heard before from your parents when it comes to getting rid of that gigantic pimple showing up in the middle of your forehead or your cheek; but let’s be honest, no matter how little we must wait for our new “tenant” to move out, most of us are desperate to find a way to make them disappear magically. For our disgrace, there is no “magic way” to get rid of it instantly. The most recommendable choices are whether obeying our parents and waiting for it to dry out and disappear, or start paying more attention to our skin and become a more caring person. In case you go for the second choice, here is a brief “how-to” guidance for that dreamy clear skin.

One of the first things that must change is your diet, and if you were thinking that the famous phrase “you are what you eat” had no sense, now you will learn what it really means. It’s okay to have bread and butter once a week, or maybe mayonnaise, chocolate, or any high fat food, but the abuse of this aliments can cause you to have a face that is as oily as the food you often eat. Instead of a cheeseburger, opt for a healthy chicken breast steak and salad and substitute your ranch dressing for olive oil or vinegar. If your skin is dry, you might be needing more water, so start drinking at least one or two more glasses a day and you will notice the change, not only in your face, but in the rest of your body which will thank you for making it healthier.

There are also other ways to prevent or counteract acne; if you were thinking about skin care, you were right. There are millions of products we have access to, but we must choose the right ones according to our skin. The more sensitive you skin is, the milder the treatment should be, that way you will avoid damage.  First, look for a face wash that satisfies your necessities. If your skin is too oily, I would recommend an oil free acne wash in gel, but if your skin is dry, I would recommend a creamy soap bar so you skin gets nourished. Second, you can optionally exfoliate, which is good because it regenerates the skin and cleans it. You can use a gel exfoliator every night before you go to bed, or a creamy foaming scrub that you would only use once a week; you know your skin and you know what you need and what would fit you better. You can also use tonic water as a disinfectant after you exfoliate; it also helps to close your pores after you have cleaned them.

Now, the steps you must follow to complete your face-cleansing night routine:

  1. Wash your face with warm water so your pores open. Otherwise you can use a clean towel and soak it in warm water, then let it cover your face for a few minutes (between 5 or 10). Proceed to make use of your face wash. Make sure to wash it completely.
  2. Now you can exfoliate scrubbing nicely throughout all your face but concentrating on the oiliest areas such as cheeks, nose, forehead or chin depending on your situation.
  3. Apply your tonic by gently tapping your face just like you are using an after shave.
  4. Last, moisturize your skin with lotion or a moisturizer.

Be careful with your eyes! Maintain them closed throughout the process.

Notice that if your skin is dry, go easy with your face cleanser and foaming scrub and focus on moisturizing; but if your skin is greasier, moisturize as much as you clean, and even though your skin might seem very oily, moisturizing will always be important.

Remember, even though you are not going to the beach you must always wear sunscreen because it will always protect your face from getting stained and from skin cancer which is very common today.

One recommendation I would give you is to go and visit a dermatologist, because maybe there is a medicine or treatment such as Differin, to name one example, that might help you to maintain acne under control. Also, they might find out the reason you really having acne. It might be stress, digestive system, hormones, etc. The doctor can assessor you with your face cleansing products search, since they have a deeper study of your skin they will be able to know what kind of products you really need per your skin.

Be careful, always consult an expert and research any new product you decide to try. Good luck!






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