Category 4 hurricane hits Puerto Rico after 80 years

By: Galilea Gonzalez

Puerto Rico, the island of enchantment (La Isla Del Encanto), was directly impacted by Hurricane Maria that made landfall on September 20, 2017. It was the first category four hurricane to the island of Puerto Rico since 1932. Both north and east coasts were devastated by the hurricane; cities like Caguas, Humacao, Carolina, Bayamon, San Juan, are destroyed – completely flooded. The entire island was left without power; it is predicted that some homes will be without power for a year.

Many people had to evacuate their homes and move to “safe” shelters, but like the rest of Puerto Rico, these shelters were not ready for the fury of Hurricane Maria. The roofs flew away and some ended up flooding; exposing the people to possible drowning and the dangers of electrocution.

The troops are unable to reach certain towns either physically or electronically. These people are in extreme danger and should evacuate due a nearby dam rupturing that will add more water to the already flooded areas. The island has experienced landslides due to all the rain that has fallen the last few days.

Many Puerto Ricans are attempting to leave the island any way possible to escape the harsh conditions; there is no drinkable water, food is limited, and soon the possible spread of diseases.  Airplane ticket prices are skyrocketing due to the high demand making it extremely hard for the poor to leave the island. The Puerto Rican government is trying to reach every person but the destroyed landscape makes it difficult to reach certain parts of the island. Those that can reach their homes will be financially bankrupt and unable to make repairs due to the extent of the damage.

Puerto Rico is known as the pearl of the Caribbean (La Perla Del Caribe), and this hurricane will not change that; however, it will test the endurance of its inhabitants in the months to come.

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