Glitter is more than just an elementary school supply

By: Mallory Mitnick


The latest trend, popping up all over social media, is glitter. People are using hair gel and glitter to create a shimmery and original look. This trend includes adding glitter to the hair on ones scalp, eyebrows, and believe it or not, beards! It’s a shock to many and an inspiration to others. In order to rock this sassy new style, the following steps must be followed:
• Purchase a chunky style of glitter and clear hair ge
• Mix equal parts gel and equal parts glitter ( or to your liking)
• Apply with a hair dye brush, or any “paintbrush” like brush
Although it might take twenty minutes to clean all the glitter off, and glitter might be found on your head for the next 3 months, lets be honest, it was probably worth it.

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