What caused the change within Anakin

What is it about villains that makes them so intriguing? It is the other side of the story, their point of view, and the little details that added up to make them who they are. But there is one particular villain who has been called one of the most powerful and mysterious villains ever and that is Darth Vader.

Vader was not born Vader. Since young he showed extreme internal strength, he was driven by his intuition rather than his logical thinking which gives us a hint of instability in his nature, something his son Luke, later in the story, is completely balanced in. Anakin’s childhood innocence was what kept him out of major ordeals at the beginning, later he becomes a disturbed, broken man due to having his heart broken I many ways and at many times. One big characteristic of Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader is the fact that since his nature is driven by emotion, he feels everything too deeply, his feelings are too intense whether they are good or bad and that is the root of the reason why Anakin morphed to become so damaged and also one of the most feared villains of the industry of cinema.

Qui Gon, Obi Wan Kenobi’s Jedi Master was the person who discovered the powerful gem Anakin Skywalker, in the planet of Tatooine. Qui Gon is one of the most important people in Anakin’s transformation to Darth Vader not only because he is the reason Anakin acquired the opportunity to enter the world of politics in the galaxy but because there was a bond between them.

At first everyone opposed the idea of Anakin training to become a Jedi and two of the reasons were caution and fear. Obi Wan himself disagreed to train him at first but accepted in the end due to it being Qui Gon’s last wish before death. One thing about powerful people is that since they have proved to be wise and correct all the time people forget the fact that they can also misinterpret things every now and then so what they do is they take their word as law and that is what happened with master Yoda and his conclusion about Anakin. Yoda said to Anakin “I sense fear in you, fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering” and he was right, the thing is that this knowledge about Anakin should have been treated differently instead of making it something everyone should be cautious and paranoid about.

That is where Qui Gon’s importance comes in. Qui Gon was the only person who believed Anakin to have powerful forces that could be used for good. He believed Anakin was going to become a legendary Jedi knight but, it so happened that the only source of faith and encouragement Anakin had died; and therefore, he was left with nothing but people who doubted him and his ability to control his power.

During his training, Anakin’s incredibly strong inner force was (though not intentionally) suppressed by Obi Won Kenobi his Jedi Master and other people. They believed they needed to restrain or control Anakin rather than letting him release his energy and channel it for good. This is what made Anakin go against the rules so many times, due to the fact that he had so much unused energy inside him, not being released that it would go to the wrong place and make him act recklessly and too bold, or bold without thinking and at the wrong time.

In “The Attack of The Clones” is where he met Padme Amidala, falling in love with her instantly which gives us another hint on how quickly he got attached to people. This is a problem because by making those people untouchable he was susceptible to becoming devastated if something was to happen to them.

One of the major events in Anakin’s transformation was his mother’s death. When she died an urge to get revenge and make the people who killed her disappear filled his life, and that sort of created the first spot of darkness in his heart, because to Anakin the people he loved were part of him so when his mother was murdered it was as if part of him had just been torn off.  Of course he could not possibly know how to manage his anger because what he had learned all his life was that it must be suppressed and let burn inside rather than learn how to acknowledge it, control it and heal it. After his head was a bit cooler than right after his mother’s death, he began making conclusions and assumptions about who he really was or who he thought he really was because it was against Jedi ideals to take on revenge. He knew he had what it takes to be a Jedi but what he questioned was if he had the spirit of a Jedi, meaning that he questioned if he had the force of good inside him, or if what people had always said about him was true or coming to a manifestation because of “destiny”.

Luke and Leia being conceived was also another turning point in Anakin’s life. The night Anakin had the vision where Padme died at childbirth made him paranoid, what he didn’t realize was that his reaction to that vision was nothing but the reaction necessary to entail other events that would make that vision a reality. In other words everything he did to prevent Padme from dying were the exact things that would make her die in childbirth. Lord Sirius, who is disguised as Senator Palpatine, knew what was going on, he recognized Anakin’s powerful internal force and he knew that was the perfect moment to turn Anakin to the dark side, because of his vulnerability in the moment. Sirius was the brains, a highly intelligent man and that made him powerful, but the force was strong within Anakin, he possessed almost the triple of the amount of midichlorians in his cells than anyone else (midichlorians are the amount of  ‘Force’ a person has in each cell) and that would just guaranty the ruling of the galaxy for Sirius. Sirius also knew that Anakin didn’t analyze situations or people very much and that one of his weaknesses was his impulsivity, so it was easy for him to influence his mind with what he wanted Anakin to do.

By demonstrating a safe haven, a person who Anakin could confide with, Lord Sirius then became the only source of acceptance for Anakin therefore he just blindly gave in and surrendered to Sirius. Promised to save Padme, Anakin did all things that he would regret if he was in his sane mind, at this point Anakin was mentally damaged, emotionally broken and confused from right and wrong.

At the end of “The Revenge of the Sith” in the battle between Obi Won Kenobi and himself, in the planet of lava, Anakin fights recklessly, completely insane. Obi Won, though hurt by Anakin’s betrayal, had control over himself. At the climax of the fight between them, Obi Won has the high ground and he tells Anakin to surrender Anakin responds by saying “Don’t underestimate my power” and avalanches himself up towards Obi Won, at the end of the battle Anakin is left practically deformed by the lava. This particular line and scene represent the burning out of Anakin the saturation of who he once was, even though he still was not Lord Vader. This particular line reveals the grudge Anakin had been subconsciously holding against Obi Won for all those years, for he felt that he was not being appreciated, that he was being punished to many times and praised too little for the efforts he made to do things the right way.

After the battle Lord Sirius sends rescue to Anakin and has every part that has been burned replaced with robotic parts. As his mask is put in the audience ears the first breath of Lord Vader and that is the moment where Darth Vader is born.

In “A New Hope” of 1977 the audience was intrigued by this character, for they knew not much about it they only saw the villain, the black cape, the unsettling breath sounds. But it is under every villain’s mask a story, an explanation a reason for their complexity and character.

“The Return of a Jedi” Talks about the resurrection of Anakin. At this point in the story Vader had spent his entire life serving Lord Sirius’s wishes and commands, until the last fight between Luke Skywalker and Lord Sirius where it comes down to the decision to save Luke’s life or let him be killed by Sirius. This was an intense moment for the audience because Vader took a long time to decide, but this proves that this was the first moment Vader lost his spontaneity, he thought things through and he made a decision by himself. This decisive moment proves not only that Anakin had returned but also that he had mastered himself.

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