UM losses top 4 spot to Villanova Wildcats

By: Demetrius Kingcade

The Villanova Wildcats defeated the Miami Hurricanes for the contending spot for the top 4. Ryan Arcidiacno and Kris Jenkins each scored 21 points at the game on March 25th, 2016. The Wildcats had a shooting field goal percentage of .484, and winning this game 32-5, earning them a third trip to the regional’s due to Ocher’s 17 points and Josh Hart’s 14 for Villanova. Villanova plays top-seeded Kansas on Saturday in the regional finals.

Losing this game ranks the Miami Hurricanes (27-8) at 0-3 in the round and 0-2 with their coach Jim Larrawaga. Sheldon McClellan scored 26 points for Miami making 5 three-point shots and Rodriguez added 13. The Villanova Wildcats have a sensational defense that seems to stop all opposition. Villanova lead 43-37 with Jenkins coming through with clutch shots. Although Miami kept the game close with a 16-2 run, they just couldn’t come out with the win.

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