Richard Browne runs to the Olympics

By: Jorge Romeo

Richard Brown is the T44 100 meter and 200 meter world record holder, which is already an amazing accomplishment, but what makes this even more interesting is that he has and amputated leg.  Richard Browne lost his leg on September 24th when he had to jump out of a car when it lost control, his leg got caught under the car and had to be amputated. In three years, he spent an accumulated time of one year and a half in the hospital and underwent 13 surgeries. After he recovered he turned to sports as a source of comfort, playing basketball and football, and he realized he was very fast both on the court and on the field. So he turned to running and he never looked back. In 2012, he won his first medal in the Paralympics and said it was the second greatest moment of his life, right after seeing his child being born. His confidence does not fall short to his skill, he says he plans on competing in the Olympics and Paralympics in Rio and believes he can break records in the process, he even went as far as saying he will take on Usain Bolt.  Now, that’s a bold remark!

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