Last minute DIY Halloween Costumes

By: Cristina De Cardenas

It’s that time of the year again when you realize Halloween is just days away and you have yet to find an innovative costume. You’ve procrastinated for so long that going to the stores, at this point, would be pointless. They either don’t have the costume you have in mind, or they ran out of your size. But don’t fret procrastinators, these are some of the best DIY costumes that can be done in no time and on a limited budget.

The “when life hands you lemons” costume.  All you need is a white tee, a marker and some lemons.


The couples “pigs in a blanket” will keep you oinking “all night long”.  It will also keep you warm if you are planning on pigging-out until the morning hours.


The chic “Ice cream cone”.  You can definitely improvise this by wearing some khaki pants, using a colored tee to signify a different flavored ice cream and making the cherry out of paper or balloons.  Or you can go for the ice creams cousin, a creamy milkshake. Mhm vanilla, strawberry and chocolate!














This costume is every mother’s worse nightmare.  However, the “movie theater floor” costume will have the rolling in the isles. Now you have a legitimate excuse to buy junk food.  Your kids will love you for it.  They get to eat the merchandise before they wear it.  Probably the most used emoji, EVER!


The infamous 50 shades of gray.  It’s okay! No one will judge you – walk into Home Depot and take every gray paint swatch they have.IMG_9780

The “Brawny” paper towel guy.  Who does not have paper towels are home?


The “Regina George”.  You can’t sit with us!


The “I’m on a low budget superhero”. Extreme couponing anyone?



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