Rihanna in Havana

By: Maylani Medkiff

“True beauty: The 27-year-old oozed sex appeal, even in-between takes, with her rust-red locks tumbling down in curls and with scarlet red on her lips”

Twenty-seven year old pop sensation Rihanna was spotted on Thursday perfecting a photo-shoot in the streets of Havana, Cuba.  In her 1950’s style shoot, she radiated beauty against the backdrop of the Caribbean city.   She never disappointments with her choice of fashion – she rocked every outfit change.  Even in the streets of Havana, fans flocked to her the minute they learned of her arrival to the island.  Within a few hours, hundreds of fans surrounded the scene just to get a small glimpse of her beauty.  After endless hours shooting, she sat back and relaxed with a good friend at dinner in the beautiful island of Cuba.

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