Respecting Artistry

Let’s start off with the background information. Beck is an American singer-songwriter with 12 released studio albums. Beyonce, also known as Queen B, has 5 released studio albums. Now, if this was a popularity contest Beyonce is entitled to her award. But it’s not. It’s Album of the Year, which also forces us to re-iterate that it’s not a competition for who can play more instruments as well, so if you’re going to talk about Beck and his 14 instruments that doesn’t have anything to do with it. Sales aren’t a factor of best album of the year either,  because Beyonce sold almost 1 million copies in 3 days. You have to take into consideration she surprise dropped the album along with 17 videos and didn’t get leaked.

However, if that’s your argument to why she should have won, that STILL doesn’t matter, because that just means whoever in charge with keeping her album under wraps did their job, like it should be. Beck is a seemingly older artist, and has a nice album, but is not heard of. I can relate because Ed Sheeran is my favorite artist and he didn’t get any awards at the Grammy’s either that I felt he should have deserved. What I don’t like is that all of a sudden, Beck fans are spawning like ants from an ant pile and converting into anti Beyonce fans. More and more people are riding along in the bandwagon just as always when a new controversy or popular opinion emerges, just because it’s against the norm.

Don’t get me wrong, there are of course real Beck fans who might be his day ones and stand outside at midnight ready to buy his album from stores or iTunes, but most people, in my opinion are just looking for something or someone new to take Beyonce out of the spotlight. It’s not her fault really, as people literally worship and revere her which is not healthy or right by any standards, it’s just she’s so big in the industry and played on every radio station and has people like Kanye West walking on stage to defend her and her title, or going along with interviews about respecting artistry and how Beck should have given her the award.

How is it possible to determine best album of the year, song of the year, female artist, etc, other than opinion? And so at the end of the day that’s exactly what this is. Opinion, or just what the media wanted to stir some controversy and drama between artists, hoping that Kanye would pull another Kanye and the fans would be outraged, forcing people to talk about it and attract more attention to the Grammys. That’s just my theory, of course.

But it would be a good idea for some publicity and attention to get more people to catch the next Grammy viewing or re-watch it. Magazines and sources allegedly say Kanye is now banned from award shows and of course, Beck is keeping his award. Props to him, and I’m sure Beyonce isn’t bothered about it seeing as she has 17 Grammy Awards, so we shouldn’t be stressing celebrities who are making enough to pay for my college tuition and buy me a sports car.

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