Frolics ’50

By: Tiffany Quinn


On February 18, 2015, students of varying backgrounds and unique talents took to the Miami Springs Senior High stage to put on a show unlike any the school has ever witnessed before. From dance groups, rappers, and singers to skits performed by the high school’s very own drama club and charming hosts who provided comic relief, Frolics 2015 proved to be an unforgettable experience for all of those that attended. In honor of the high school’s 50th anniversary, this year’s talent show was dubbed Frolics ‘50. Another twist that was added this year was brought forth by the drama club, Troupe 1466, which between acts had prepared several skits in which they transported the audience to various time periods throughout the decades since the school’s inception. In addition to the already spectacular acts that went on, the event was hosted by two very charismatic students who got laughs out of both the audience and the performers. Although it was a talent competition in which only a select few students could be proclaimed winners, each performance received accolades and every performer was greatly applauded for having the courage to do what others would not. Despite the end results of the contest, everyone from the performers to the audience left in high spirits; just another example of the wonderful sportsmanship and respect that the students of Miami Springs Senior High have for one another.


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