Teacher and Rookie Teacher of the Year

By: Tiffany Quinn

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MRS. SYLVIA PEREZ – Teacher of the Year

The Teacher of the Year award is a prestigious honor given to those professionals in the educational field that exhibit outstanding performance in the classroom. Our very own Silvia Perez, the 11th grade United States History teacher at Miami Springs Senior High, was given the nomination for the school. Mrs. Perez is best known by her students for her quirky and unique teaching styles and she is especially famous for her History Tunes which resonate through the second floor hallways on any given day. Mrs. Perez began her teaching career in 1989 as a substitute teacher and obtained her permanent position as a teacher in 1993. She especially enjoys instructing her students in the subjects of World History and United States History and said that being a teacher is all that she could ever see herself as. When asked  about the upcoming future and where she views herself in a couple of years, she jokingly stated that she would see herself retired, but until that time she would continue her passion of working in the classroom.

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MS. ELIZABETH RULAN – Rookie Teacher of the Year

Every year Miami Springs Senior High chooses one new teacher that has made their mark on the school and the kids that they influence. During the three years she has spent with students at MSSH, Ms. Elizabeth Rulan has made a significant impact on those around her. When asked if she has any area of preference in her field, the graduate of Miami-Dade College stated that she enjoys teaching Earth and Space Science aside from Biology. When asked about the future and where she might see herself in five to ten years, Ms. Rulan stated that she would like to continue her career in education. However, she also said that she would like to keep her options open and go back to school and possibly pursue a career in the medical field. But as for now, she is very happy to do what she is doing here at Miami Springs High.

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