Essential Oils

By: Priscilla Molliner

Become inspired by the benefits that oil remedies offer you! Such antidotes have been used since ancient Egyptian times and are currently used today to treat anxiety, aches, and acne. Commonly known for cosmetic purposes, spiritually uplifting properties, and lifestyle management, these oil remedies are known to bestow upon the user a positive emotional state. Oil remedies can brighten one’s day by transferring a pleasant and unique scent which activates the limbic system (the brains center of emotion and memory) in different ways. This process can allow a person to rediscover peace, find balance, and experience joy. It helps you enhance your physical wellness by cleansing the body and promoting weight management, as well as supporting every system of the body by targeting solutions you need to feel your best.

Purify your home and do away with those harsh chemicals. Instead, turn to the alternative of natural and effective oil essentials and experience the same fresh scents of a clean home without the synthetic products. Refine your skin and rediscover your natural glow with oil essentials, an ancient skin care secret that can help achieve a clear-looking complexion softening the appearance of signs of aging, and nurture healthy-looking hair. Using only natural ingredients, these advanced skin and hair care solutions make it easy to enjoy the beautiful benefits of essential oils every day. Lastly, these essentials create deep spiritual awareness to enhance your spiritual practice. Harvested from a variety of plants, these oils have always played an important part in religious and spiritual ceremonies, helping participants to transcend the trivial matters of this world in order to connect with something much larger than themselves.These oil essentials are used for multiple reasons and have a diverse impact on a varying groups of people. Now they are even being used as medicinal treatments by physiologist and health professionals to trigger a positive and healthier you.

So choose a scent and pick a positive new way of improving yourself.

Here are 11 essentials you should know about oil remedies and how scents go hand in hand with your personal motives:

1- Peppermint to feel more alert and relieve headaches.

2- Lemon to get a happiness hit.

3- Lavender to sleep better, ease stress, soothe cuts, and ease PMS.

4- Ginger to alleviate nausea.

5- Grapefruit to reduce appetite.

6- Chamomile and Neroli to ease stress.

7- Eucalyptus to stop sniffles.

8- Black pepper to quit smoking.

9- Sweet orange to quell anxiety.

10- Rosemary for better focus at work.

11- Tea tree oil to fight infections.


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