Susan G. Komen Cancer Walk

By: Emelie Gerdes

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The Bayside/Downtown area was a flurry of pink and white on October 18th in lieu of the Susan G. Komen Cancer Walk. Students from various schools all over Dade County and even Broward County attended this event to show their support for women and men with Breast Cancer. Some schools that were there included John A. Ferguson, G Holmes Braddock, Sunset Academy and of course our very own Miami Springs Senior High School. Our students from clubs such as Hosa, Medical Hawks, National Honor Society, Key Club, Anchor, Journalism and even the Cheerleaders all participated in this Cancer Walk at Bayside, making our way around roughly 3 miles along hundreds of other people. Donations were made to support the cause, or “race for the cure” as many posters, merchandise, and crowns – a lot of which were handed out for free – advertised. Whether you were jogging, running, or walking it was a beautiful day to show your support and the over all vibe was a very positive. A sense of unity overcame everyone and just made people feel good about what they were doing.

The month of October was all about Breast Cancer awareness, being brought to the forefront of everyone’s attention via social media, walks everywhere, and even presentations in our own school. Mrs. Liset Icaza had the opportunity to have Miami-Dade AHEC come to our school and guest speaker Charlene Rowe show her science classes a presentation on Breast Cancer. Students were shocked and surprised to learn the myths and truths of breast cancer, such as that wearing bra’s cannot cause breast cancer, but little things like drinking out of a water bottle left over night in the car can, due to the chemicals that the heat melt and dissolve into the water. The boys in the class were shocked when they found out their risks and probability of having breast cancer as well. Students were even more shocked to find out that the frequently used substance Marijuana could be linked to Breast Cancer in men, because certain properties of the illegal drug lead to feminine features and development in men, such as the swelling of their lymph nodes which can cause lumps or tumors of cancer in the breasts.

Knowing your risks is the first step to being careful and preventing breast cancer, just because you don’t feel like anything is wrong with you, doesn’t mean you don’t have it or cannot contract in the future . More importantly for women, you should be frequently checking in with your pediatrician or gynecologist for mammograms and check ups. There are even self-tests and examinations you can do at home to check for lumps or abnormal developments in your body. You know your body better than anybody else, so if something is wrong or you notice a difference, even the slightest feeling of discomfort, report it to your doctor and check it out.

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