Food for Thought

By: Tiffany Quinn

Monday, September 15, 2014 brought forth a surprise to many students during lunch. To their amazement, they beheld a food truck from Miami Dade public schools which offered an assortment of meals to the student body. The first of its kind, the vehicle introduced a welcome change to the staple lunch scene at MSSH which consists of breaded chicken sandwich, Jamaican patty,  and round pizza.

According to Assistant Principal Anthony Saunders, “The food truck is an idea from the district, where the district sends the food truck around to all the high schools once or twice a month. It is something to give students a different alternative.” The addition of choices however, does not come with added expenses; students who receive free lunch regularly will still be able to partake in the food trucks healthy options.

The food trucks are expected a couple of times a week throughout the rest of the year. Many of the students enjoyed the change of culinary palate, as stated by one student Amber Harrison, “I like that the school lunch truck was different from the traditional school lunch. Even though, there was a limited variety, I liked the fact that it was just different.”

3 Comments on Food for Thought

  1. Yessss that turkey bacon burger was awesome

  2. The food truck was so cool. I hope it comes more often!

  3. Orestes Fernandez // September 18, 2014 at 4:15 pm // Reply

    I love this idea with the food truck . It brings some variety to the school and the students. Students are used to pre-made foods that schools make . Now they do not need to eat what they usually eat . They could eat from a variety of foods that they serve. It is a wonderful thing. But for some people its a sort of a bad thing because they might not have free lunch. That’s all I wanted to say . Have a nice day!! 😀

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