Life one Month in Corona Lock-Down

Julissa Duenas

Francisco Mota

It’s the year 2020. The class of 2020 is at home. They are not going to senior prom, Senior picnic, Grad-bash, or any of the historically fun events customary to American high school seniors. They aren’t even going to march down the aisle with cap and gown at some grand convention center and turn their tussles when they are finally declared as alumni. They are in lock down. They can’t do anything. Can’t go outside. They have a six-feet restraining order from the rest of the world. Kids are bored and are missing school for the first time in their lives. Except one student and his name is Francisco.

Hi i’m Francisco Mota. My lock down experience has been crazy. With more time on my hand, I spend more time with my family. My cousins have been inviting me to go fish and go play basketball. I have been taking mom to work everyday. I feel like with this lock down I been able to do more stuff outside with people. I still miss school because I feel like with this online work my grades will drop. It’s too much to keep up with, and I’m not used to it.

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