Trapped Like Anne Franck?

Carlos Lassalle

Life in Quantine

Being in quarantine during this coronavirus pandemic has been difficult, especially being a senior and knowing we might not even have a graduation. I haven’t seen my friends since March 13th and it has been really hard to believe how fast the time has passed by since all schools

While being home all these weeks, I took the time to analyze what areas of my life need to be centered and improved. Before the quarantine, I wasn’t really spending time with my family and now we are talking and bonding more than ever! Although I have been occupied with lots of school material, I still manage to clean my room more often, wash the dishes, and find productive things to do. The fact that we must stay indoors is disappointing, but I believe it’s a time to check what’s wrong in our lives, fix it, and most importantly, spend time with our loved ones.

In conclusion, as a Miami Springs Senior High student that is currently in quarantined, this time has been a challenging one, but very rewarding because of what can be corrected. Many are trying to see the negative side of this virus, instead of seeing the positive side and doing something that can uplift them and others in these difficult times. Everyday during this quarantine I have tried my best to be productive and bring an impact to my family by helping in any way I can. 

The Corona Virus Quarantine

Alessandra Muniz

Millions of people are getting sick and dying off this virus that is going on and it is no joke. The virus at first wasn’t as alarming as it is now. Currently, there is about 910,352 confirmed and about 45,498 deaths worldwide. Spain has reached the new daily death toll and what sucks is that the people can be sick with the virus for 1 to 14 days before actually developing symptoms.

Too much people are dying from this outbreak and the only way we can protect ourselves is staying home. Staying home is very important, keeping you from catching this virus, spreading it to others, and going out only for emergencies. When you need to go out, you should really wear gloves, masks, and other essentials that can protect yourself from the virus and others who have it. It has officially become a National Emergency and staying in the house is the only way we can actually slow down the disease from spreading even more. This National Emergency is something that should’ve been done before because the amount of people that were infected were because they were around someone or something that had the virus on it and people weren’t taking it as serious as it should’ve been. Even till this day, people should be social distancing and not hanging out with people or going out because you never know who actually has the virus. I’ve been in my house for about a month now with my parents and brother and honestly it’s not that bad. I am still getting the education I need and having more family time since we are all stuck at home. My mom sometimes goes out for groceries once in a while when we are about to run out of stuff but even when she needs to go out to get supplies, she is cautious and has her gloves, mask, and more on hand. My brother and I have been doing online school and it’s been pretty good. I still do all the work I’m supposed to do and I’m still preparing myself for the AP exams that I need to take soon in May or June.

Slowly, all of this will be over and we will resume to our normal lives. However, in order to make this happen faster, we need to stay home. By staying home, we are saving lives and our own. 

Jose Bofill

Trapped Like Anne Franck.

In the time of The Holocaust There was a girl called Anne Frank and she was trapped with her family in a room so they wouldn’t be sent to the concentration camps. Like them we are trapped now in our houses so we don’t get the so deadly, hideous and famous Corona-virus.

Thanks to the new pandemic because of the so called Coronas-virus schools were closed and some works too, leaving employers in their houses and maybe with no way to pay their bills. Now students most do their school online until schools can reopen. Even though students are doing all their work at home some teachers are taking advantage of it and giving those students excessive work. Now the students of Miami Dade are taking their assistance through our Miami Dade Country Public Schools Student Portal. Maybe other schools have different methods to assign students’ work but there is something in common between them and us and is that we both want all this to end.

In conclusion, we are trapped in our houses with a lot of school work and nowhere to go and how I said at the beginning we are trapped like Anne Franck.

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