Welcome to Our New Principal

By Jack-Arthur Whitlock, Jesus Gonzalez, Julissa Duenas, Carlos Lassalle

Miami Springs Senior High welcomes a new principal, Mr. Al Torossian, with open arms and with all the great things he will be doing for our school! He is returning after leaving about 4 years ago. In his time at MSSH before becoming the principal, he was a teacher. He is a very cordial and straightforward man. He can come out as a strict person, but he really just cares about our safety as students and he wants us to feel safe.

On Tuesday, March 10th, we interviewed Mr. Torossian to learn more about him and to learn more of the new implementations in our school. The following are our series of questions we asked and answers.

What are your critical goals as principal?

“I want to take Miami Springs to an A and I think that can be achieved over the next couple of years with gradual increases.” “

What do you love most about this school?”

The school spirit and the history behind it. The school’s been around for so many years and those are some things I want to focus on to continue building the school spirit and the tradition in these hallways for so many years.”

“What club or activity are you looking forward to helping the most?

“I want to help all the clubs out and all the athletic clubs. I know the cheerleaders have not been participating as of recently. We don’t have a band and those are thing that definitely bring school spirit to the students as well as the community and I think that an extremely important facet of the school culture is having a band and cheer-leading. I also want to bring back the Homecoming parade down Dove Avenue. We did that when I was here about 6 years ago and I think that that’s a great event during homecoming week where the whole school and community participates and I think that definitely brings a lot of school spirit to Miami Springs Senior.”

Is there anything you would like students to know about yourself?

“I try to be as easy-going as possible and very approachable. I’m here for anything you guys would like to talk about on my free time.  I like to go to camping, fishing and I like watching sports.”

And lastly, what is one of the things you want the students to be more aware of?

“One of the most important things is school safety now and I had that with the orientations when I spoke to all of the classes. We have to be very vigilant. There are a lot of things going on in society that are constantly changing. We have a lot of different laws that have been enacted by the state of Florida and again it is to protect you guys. The uniform policy, the single entry point of the school, making sure if you see something say something. I think that’s extremely important so all of you guys have a safe learning experience throughout your stay here at Miami Springs as well as ensuring parents that their children are safe away from home while they’re in our building.”

Upon Mr. Torossian’s arrival at Miami Spring’s Senior High, he immediately called for an assembly with all the classes (9-12). In that assembly he said that he has a vision for our school and he would be restructuring and reinforcing the uniform policy. He believes that the way we were dressing up in school made us look like strangers and that it was difficult to know who we were. What he meant by that was that we appeared to look like parents or people that visit our school and for our personal safety, it would be best that we wore school colors (red, burgundy, yellow, or gold), club shirts, or any approved university apparel; plus, black or blue jeans, and khaki pants. 

The difficult part of reinforcing the uniform policy is that it will lead to the students complaining and rebelling. Telling students to change to proper uniform after they’ve been allowed to wear almost anything for the past couple of years is something that is hard to let go of. Moreover, it’s hard because students express themselves through their style and the fact they can’t do that anymore triggers many, including myself, but it’s what is best for our safety. 

Mr. Torossian has demonstrated that his most important priority is the safety of the students and he hopes to also brighten up the campus and liven up the school spirit as much as possible. Based on the interview he seems very earnest and obligated to have what it takes to get Miami Springs Senior High to an A.

All in all, the arrival of Mr. Torossian has had many positive and negative factors, but over time, everyone will be accustomed to the regulations and the uniform conflicts with students will reduce. The students can complain all they want, but at the end of the day, their safety is what matters. I personally prefer safety over self gratification because being in school, we don’t know when a stranger could walk in and have the ridiculous idea to cause a shooting or trouble in a school. Great job from Mr. Torossian!

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