Corona Virus: 2019-nCoV

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Nahia Gonzalez, Yoselyn Bodes

The Corona Virus is pandemic and around several countries, already causing at least 425 deaths worldwide and mostly in China.  First detected in Wuhan China in 2019, Corona, or 2019-nCoV, is an RNA virus transmitted mostly person to person with air droplet as mode of transmission. 

The corona virus was first reported in Wuhan, China.  Previously, the disease was first discovered in the mid-1960s and said to have originated from snakes and is very common in animals like camels.  When the virus was reported, it was said to come mostly from people who either purchased at a Wuhan seafood market (“wet market”) or worked at the area.  Ever since the corona virus was reported, it has been progressively getting worse.  Even the actual doctor that sounded the alarm for the virus has died from the virus.

From China, it has spread to countries like Germany, Thailand, Canada, France, South Korea, and USA.  Recently, there are reported cases in the United States and in South Florida.  Countries have taken measures to further prevent the virus from spreading; they quarantine people and ban airlines from letting infected people travel.  Even though, they are taking the measures to prevent it from travelling, the virus is constantly being reported at a rapid pace. So far worldwide, over 10,000 cases were announced.

In the United States, there are at least five confirmed cases. So far, there aren’t any deaths related to the virus. The people who have the current virus are said to have recently traveled to Wuhan.  There are two cases in Illinois, two in California, one in Washington, and one in Arizona. American and United airlines have taken measures and cut flights between the U.S and China.  On the 30th of January, the U.S. state department issued the highest level of alert to warn citizens to not travel to China.

Signs and symptoms of the virus include a simple common cold or more severe diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).

There are ways to prevent the corona virus from infecting a person. Some ways include: avoiding contact with people who are sick with the virus, avoid touching the eyes, nose, and mouth with hands that are not sanitized, and wash your hands often with soap. To protect others from contracting the disease is to stay at home while sick, sanitize objects you, avoid contact with others, and cover your mouth and nose when sneezing and clean your hands afterwards. Another effective way to prevent the virus from infecting you is to wear a surgical mask to help avoid the virus from getting to you. This is the most we can do to prevent from spreading as there aren’t any vaccines to help it stop.

The corona virus is a disease that should be taken seriously. It started over a month ago and it progressively getting worse. There are ways to protect the people around you from the virus and ways to prevent you from getting it. There are also measures that can be taken to prevent it from spreading.  It is incredibly important to prevent it from you as it may end up harming you in a deadly way.

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