A Student’s Survey

Carlos Lassalle

In the process of making this survey, I chose to write about special talents because many people focus on what they like or what they want, but very few people focus on or think of their special talents. Some have the special talent to rap, others to be great at a sport, and others are next-level in their intelligence. Everyone has a special talent, so I thought it was a great idea to write a survey about special talents and see what people have to say of their talents.

Going in order of the questions in my survey, “Do you have a special talent?”:

My special talent is the ability to shooting from far distance in basketball;

I don’t use this special talent often, unless I’m in PE, a rec center, or a park (which varies by the week based on my schedule/agenda);

The specific situation in which I would use this special talent is when my team is losing a game and they need some quick points, that is when I will move around the court and try to get free from a defender and get a good look at a 3 pointer;

My special talent is very important since it can provide my team the extra boost to take the lead in the game and also, push my teammates to wake up and play good as well; and last,

I realized I had this special talent the moment I began shooting farther over the years and I kept feeling comfortable, so I kept developing that talent and I’m proud to say it’s one of the many other talents I have been blessed with.

On the other hand, a weakness I have in my special talent of playing basketball is the inability to handle the basketball and dribble without issue. Whenever an opponent/defender is guarding me, I tend to get nervous and I lose control of the ball (weak ball-handling skills) and it’s a part of my game that I have not put much focus on, which results in turnovers and the ability for the opposing team to score more points. In order to fix this issue, I would have to put less focus on my shooting and more focus on my ball-handling skills to see improvement. It is something I desire so much to have because if a player has decent ball-handling skills, they can create space between them and the defender, leading to a more separate and free shot; and also, the player has the freedom to move around their defender and go for a layup (easier/better shot selection).

In summation, this survey is a great survey to help others recognize their special talents and if they haven’t discovered it, this survey can open their eyes and help them discover a talent they didn’t know of that was hidden. I have a special talent to shoot from far distance in basketball, but my weakness is not having great ball-handling skills. On the bright side, I have time to practice and improve on my weakness so in the future, I can have another special talent added!

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