How can we save the turtles?

Rolando Piloto 

Turtles are beautiful creatures that play an important role in our oceans.   

The turtles may act as a home or shelter for many different organisms and carry them across the ocean, but turtles are dying.  They are getting trapped in the nets, eating plastic pollution, and getting caught in fishing gear.  Many other factors contributed to the demise of many sea turtles such as light pollution and poaching. 

We can contribute to saving the turtles by refraining from letting balloons freely in the sky since they can end up in the ocean and be eaten by a turtle.  We can also use recycle bags and cups so they won’t get stuck in a turtle’s stomach. 

Turtles are wonderful creatures that need to be preserved for generations to come for our future children. 

Always remember that turtles are creatures that provide shelter and transportation for other sea creatures and can be saved only if we get together to preserve them. 

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