Who’s your daddy!

By Chakaria Allen, Jack-Arthur Whitlock 

Miami Springs Senior High School had it’s first pep rally October 24, 2019 that introduced all the sports players, the dancers, and cheerleaders. There were performances that helped showcase students’ school spirit. For the pep rally, students were able to dress up in the colors picked for their grade level and were able to enjoy the last bit of school at the entertaining event. 

The week leading up to the pep rally was full of dressing up and school spirit, but at the pep rally the students really showed which class had the most school spirit. The students dressed up in color themed costumes, accessories, and attire to best represent their grade level.  The freshmen wore black, sophomores wore white, juniors wore yellow, and seniors Burgundy. This was to distinguish who’s who at the pep rally, and it looked good when all the students sat together with their designated colors.  Some people wore make up an eye black on their eyes based on their color. Some even dyed their hair. The more creative the better because it really brought out the school’s spirit.  

Along with the other things happening at the pep rally, there were occasional “class checks” where the classes took turns yelling, screaming, and representing their grade.  Some grades prepared chants and different ways of screaming for their grade.  Seniors chanted “Who’s your daddy” at the freshmen. A lot of joy and celebration at the Pep rally and it appeared the students and teachers were ready to tackle the test of the school year.   

The Pep Rally had all the students in the gym to celebrate sports, activities, and their school year. There were the cheerleaders and school’s band that were in the middle in the beginning and began the rally with a bang by dancing and making music. Then after that the cross country, football, and baseball teams came out and all the students cheered in celebration. Then there were dance choreography from different teams of dancers and it was very well coordinated and the crowd appeared to love it.  

Not only were the students given time to represent their grade, the different sports teams were called out individually to walk across the gym floor and showcase their team while the students of the high school supported the football team, cross country, and the band team.  The band team not only walk across the floor, but also had time to play their songs to hype up the crowd. The school also introduced the homecoming court runner ups and gave them a sash that showed what they were running for. The runner ups came from all grades, 9-12.  

Along with the band team, the dance troupe, the cheer team, and Spanish honor society were given stage time to perform for the audience.  The Spanish honor society did a mix of Spanish songs, the dance team and cheer team did a cross dance routine where they danced in their own teams and then forming together to end out the routine. Even though all of the performances were unique in their own way, I believe the students favorite part was when the dance teacher, Mr. Mckinney, got on stage and did the dance with the cheer/dance team. 

Although the pep really was meant to hype the students up for the homecoming football game, there will be that bunch of students who’d disrespect the school by acting out and doing bad things. For example, they could yell out profanities or bring inappropriate things to the pep rally that can cause the event to be shut down. 

All in all, I believe the pep rally was a great way to hype up the football players and the students school spirit because the football team won against the Bulldogs! The performances were entertaining, the students had major school spirit, and the homecoming dance was a night to remember.  After all the partying, everyone settled down and went home content that the pep rally was another success.  

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