A green colored wonder

by Karilyn Andino, Staff Writer.

While Miami Springs Senior High School is full of places that are enjoyed daily by its students, not everyone knows how to fully use these to their full potential. Many locations around campus are amazing when it comes to boosting creative aspects, inspiration and even concentration and, believe me or not, one of these places is the one you’d less expect to be used for such purposes: under the trees outside; and although many other students will claim that it’s “stupid to sit in the grass when you can be sitting on a table with your friends”, there are many perks that come with it and, along them, the reason why it’s my absolutely favorite place in campus.

A critical reason why I personally love this place is its creativity boost. Being surrounded by green life while sitting down with a pair of earbuds blasting some music can incredibly increase the amounts of inspiration or creativity a person could receive while working on something. Being an artist myself, it’s actually surprisingly amazing how much this helps. Sometimes just feeling the calming breeze against your skin along with the smell of the multiple sized leaves can give you ideas you’d never get if you weren’t in that specific situation since everything around it helps. Consequently, great ideas have been formed for me while in this place.

Even so, these are not the only advantages this location has to offer. For instance, let’s say someone feels quite stressed out after school and need a way they can sit down, relax, and do their work in a calm environment. Offering not just concentration, but also relaxation, sitting under a tree is a great way to do homework after school or during lunch while not being bothered by most things. Definitely an amazing place for those who want to sit down and concentrate, inspiration flowing through them.

While this place does have its perks, some may argue that the noise is too loud, or perhaps that there may be bugs on the grass and, while this is correct, a simple pair of headphones or sitting on a table that happens to be under a tree can easily fix this issue.

Being considered one of the best locations in the campus by myself and others, this multipurpose hangout area is simply amazing in many ways since, not only is it an amazing view, but it also increases one’s creativity and boosts the amount of concentration. Hence, the table outside that happens to be under the trees is definitely a must visit.

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