The real facts on abortions

By: Cassandra Brown

Many people feel entitled to speak about abortion and give opinions on the subject, but do they really know all the ins and outs of it? Neither justifying nor criticizing the choice for abortion is really what a person who’s never been in that situation should do.  Most people might say that in an ethical society, abortion is simply not just. However, is it just for a woman who became pregnant through rape, or simply unexpectedly, to be forced to take on a responsibility for a life that she may not be able to provide for at this time. Studies show that 25% of women who seek an abortion are because they are not ready to be mothers, and 23% of women cannot afford a baby. ( Therefore, taking the proper steps to prevent unintended pregnancies should be a priority that can cut the chance of it, and ultimately, reduce the rate of abortions. However, in the case of rape where pregnancy is always possible, a rape victims have 140 days to report and prove a rape to have the choice of abortion. ( Also, two out of three rape victims do not report their assault to the police. In all fairness, there is good and heavy reason for this; however, by failing to report the assault, women lose their opportunity to choose.  And in many cases, rape reports have been known to be mishandled and completed unjustly.  So a woman needs to make sure her rights are not stricken away due to a technicality, and be compromised to make a decision that’s not in her best interest.

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